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Jake Coulson
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Things I do:

*Write{Fanfiction, poetry and maybe the odd song}
*Make MMD Models {Which are put up for DL}
*Re-write songs to fit my OTP {Shizaya}
*Cosplay {I have a page if you want to see}
*Minecraft {I put worlds up for DL}
* Make things {Props for my cosplays, flower crowns etc}

My main focus is my writing and Cosplay but I do try to do the other ones too.
As you can probably tell I rarely use dA anymore. I am not leaving but I thought it would be a good Idea if I posted links to other sites I'm on, depending what it is you watch me for.

I have both a FF.Net account and an AO3 account. Future fanfiction shall be posted on there, everything will be put on the one, but not everything will be on AO3.

All models/poses that I make will still be uploaded to here as I do not want to use Mediafire or anything like that. I will probably start posting W.I.P.s on my Tumblr though rather than on here.

I am part of a Guild as well as a Group and I also have my own Cosplay Page.

Other Links:
Tumblr, Izaya RP, Delic RP, Fantroll RP
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After parking his car in the parking lot, Izaya took the girls suitcases out of boot of the car. “Now I know you two will enjoy your time here. I enjoyed myself, it’s a nice camp.” He knew the girls wouldn’t want to move their own suitcases so he took one in each hand and made their way to their cabin, 22.

As they passed cabin 21, Izaya couldn’t help but smile faintly He could remember his time here with Shizuo as if it had been yesterday. They had kept in touch and tried to see each other whenever possible. However work and distance often got in the way. He failed to notice the door to cabin 21 was ajar and people inside, but one of them sure noticed Izaya.

Once the girls had decided which one was having which bed, Izaya set their suitcases down so they could unpack later on. Mairu looked out of the window and happened to notice a brunet boy step out of cabin 21 to look around. “Hey Kuru-nee, there’s that kid who’s good at acting!” she exclaimed as she pointed, Kururi coming to look, nodding once she saw her sister was correct. “Girls, no stalking him while you’re here. Well don’t stalk anyone, ever…”

“Iza-nii got a boyfriend here, can we get one too?” Izaya couldn’t help but smile slightly as the blond was mentioned. “Mairu, you’re not old enough for a boyfriend yet. I was a teenager when I started dating Shizu-chan.” Izaya made sure they were alright getting unpacked before he headed outside to see if anything had changed the past few years.

He walked over to a fountain and sat on the edge, there had been some work done over the years as the camp as a whole looked newer. He was lost in his thoughts and so didn’t notice when someone sat near him. “Now that I’ve dropped those two off, I’m going to be bored for the summer. Mom and Dad are on holiday, boyfriends probably gonna be busy…”

It was then that the other male spoke up “Boyfriend huh? What’s he like?” Izaya did jump slightly in his seat as he hadn’t noticed the other earlier. “Believe me; despite me having an extensive vocabulary, no words that I know of would be able to do him justice.” The other chuckled, Izaya not having looked at him either. “What’s his name?” there was a pause before Izaya replied, the name rolling off his tongue effortlessly “Shizuo Heiwajima.”

He couldn’t see but the ‘stranger’ smirked hearing this. “And you’re telling me, you wouldn’t recognise him or his voice if he was here right now?” Izaya raised an eyebrow and blinked before turning around. “What do you-” he facepalms seeing it was Shizuo sitting there “God-fucking dammit Shizu-chan…” Shizuo just laughed shortly before moving closer to the Raven. “Seriously how did you not recognise my voice? We talk on the phone almost every day.” He poked the ravens’ cheek which was now tinted pink in embarrassment.

“Shush you, how come you’re here? Is Kasuka here for the summer?” the blond nodded “Ah so that’s the little actor the girls saw then. Kas has our old cabin~” he chuckled and Shizuo smiled. “I guess you’re not busy this summer then?”

“Nope, I was actually gonna call you after I left here to see if you wanted to spend some time together.” Izaya smiled before pecking his cheek. “I’d love to; we don’t often get to see each other.” There was a pause before Shizuo spoke, seemingly a little hesitant about it “Well maybe you… you could…” he trailed off, now Izaya was curious “Maybe I could what?”

Shizuo breathed in “Maybe you could...marry…me?” looking away when he saw Izaya’s eyes widen, he thought he’d messed up “dumb question…” He really wanted to marry Izaya, but maybe he should have planned it rather than just asking out of the blue. “Yes it was a dumb question Shizuo, of course I’m going to say yes!” before Shizuo could respond, he felt a pair of lips on his. Smiling, he returned the kiss as well as pulling the younger male closer. The kiss was gentle and sweet.

Pulling back Shizuo spoke first “I love you Izaya, you have no idea just how much” Izaya chuckled “I love you too, you sap~” he grinned “Now let’s say by to kas and the twins then have some fun~” he purred before skipping off toward the cabins, Shizuo blatantly watching his ass as he followed. This was looking to be their best and hottest summer yet.

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